Red and Blue Rietveld Chair

Dec 23rd

In its most common variant, the red and blue rietveld chair has a height of 88 cm. It is made ​​from 13 pieces of squared timber of the same section, two armrests, backrest and seat. All the pieces were bought in standard machine and then cut measures.

Rietveld Chair Stylish
Rietveld Chair Stylish

The manufacturing process to be rational and simple: the bars placed on each other or juxtaposed symmetrically and secured by wooden pegs. The bolt connection is intended solely planks of the backrest and the seat under heavy loads. Rietveld chair shows and the construction determines the external form, function, ie the technique and aesthetics are at the same level.

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Contrary to popular opinion, this rietveld chair is a pure handicraft product and was never designed in a modular grid. The multiple transformations Rietveld during the seven years between the first tests of the final colored version show us that the chair has existed more as a concept than object. Rietveld thought of industrial production of the chair that does not born. She remained a succession of unique pieces.