Nesting Chairs Design

Dec 8th

The nesting chairs consist of a thick, round and with a cushion frame like plate with a basis similar to a short pedestal. When you sit in nesting chairs essentially you’re sitting in a kind of nest with your bottom in the cavity of the structure and legs hanging over the edge. Many people’s feet can not touch the ground. When you sit with your back much lower than your legs and feet do not touch the ground, stand up it can be a difficult task.

Stylish nesting chairs
Stylish nesting chairs

The frame and pedestal are usually made ​​of rattan, but sometimes are built with wood or wicker. The cushion is thick, is covered with a durable fabric and stuffed with cotton. The nesting chairs were first made ​​in the 50s, but posted their biggest success in the 70s.

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Pad size accommodates persons of almost all sizes, unlike some chairs that can not comfortable for larger persons. The nesting chairs base comprises a great circle on the floor and a smaller circle on top, both connected by a series of vertical supports. The circles are open, a design that allows you to change the position of the frame and cushion.  If you want to sit, the framework should be pushed back so that it sits outside the center at the base.