Breastfeeding Chair

Apr 11th

Breastfeeding is an act of great love however, is often accompanied by Breastfeeding Chair- a thousand doubts that assail new mothers, starting from the position less tiring to feed the little one. During the first weeks of life, in fact, the number of feedings during the day is certainly not small, regardless of the night. Breastfeeding peacefully, without straining your back and without placing the baby in positions suitable to their age is therefore essential.

breastfeeding chair black
breastfeeding chair black

To breastfeeding chair ensure everything is born Mimosa chair, produced by Laura and designed by Mitzi Bellini with the scientific support of the operational units of Pediatrics hospital of Piacenza and Pistoia. The chair for breastfeeding Mimosa brainchild of Mimosa Point, a corner designed to help mothers to breastfeed away from home at the most common public spaces in total privacy and security, when they have small areas prepared for this need in many places such as pharmacies and pediatric clinics.

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If breastfeeding chair these spaces for breastfeeding mothers for socializing, often reluctant to go out with the baby during the first few months after birth, the chair Mimosa helps mother and baby to establish a strong bond right away.